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A craft project turned personal wellbeing resource! 

Creativity is an excellent way to explore and discover what helps us feel good. Images of our favourite experiences, comforting people or animals, or of visualisations created during guided mediations can provide a strong sensory anchor to improve our mood quickly. We can enhance this effect by bringing in even more of the senses, adding textures that comfort us, smells that uplift us, and sounds and music that bring some good vibes.


In this video I show you my own wellbeing resource box that I love to use as a self-care tool during the day to give myself an uplifting moment and share some ideas of what you could include in yours. To help provide some inspiration, I've recorded a guided meditation which can help start the process of visualising the type of place that you find most relaxing. There are two versions of the guided meditation, one with music, and one without so you can use your preference. 



To make your wellbeing box you need:


A box (a shoebox, electronics box, make up box. Something with a lid that can be closed is a great option.)

Images of your relaxing place, either one you have made, or photographs.

Glue stick

Objects of your own choosing that positively effect your mood

Optional ideas for personalisation:

A favourite aroma, or perfume. One that makes you feel good and has nice memories.

A song that uplifts or relaxes you. You could write out song lyrics that inspire you, a list of go-to songs, or like I have in my video you could have an ipod with your favourite music that lives in your wellbeing box.

Textured things like fabric, a collage, objects with a texture that you find soothing. This could be inside your box, or used to decorate the outside. 

Images of people, animals or pets whose company you enjoy. 

Making and filling your box

These are suggestions only, feel free to do your own thing and make your box personal to you! 


A guideline includes creating or finding images that you enjoy, which you can then use to decorate the outside or the inside of the box. 

Finding or creating objects that you find inspiring and can use during the day when you need a pick- me-up. These could include textured objects, or tools that help with mindfulness or meditation such as crystals or mala beads.

Include as many sensory things as you can, that will really provide an immersive experience when you call on your box.

I like to have a sensory toy to connect me back to my touch sense and ground me after working online, you might have your own version of this depending on what resonates with you. 

You could add written lyrics, poetry, or music to listen to that inspires you. These are just some ideas, enjoy exploring what can help you feel good to bring to your box. 

When you have completed your box, it's a good idea to have it in a handy spot so you can reach for it during the day, and build those small moments of self-care more frequently on a day to day basis. 

Have fun getting creative and if you have any questions don't hesitate to reach out!

Video contents


First 5 minutes are me describing and sharing my wellbeing box.

04:58 - Guided meditation with music 

09:00 - Guided meditation without music 

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