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Online Art Therapy Client

Financial Services Secretary

"Elle is a warm, empathetic and kind therapist. She has such a calming presence and I leave our sessions feeling peaceful, despite at times discussing intense and emotional topics. I was previously slightly sceptical about Art Therapy but art making is a part of the session I have enjoyed and found worthwhile." 

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Attendee at BAAT experiential seminar 2021 

"Thank you, Elle, for your beautiful, insightful and well-informed seminar on Working with the Body in Online Therapy. You created a safe space to learn, share and practice techniques that are so relevant to the current climate or working online."

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Zelda Elliot

Attendee at BAAT experiential seminar 2021 

Esol tutor and trainee art therapist

"This workshop was so well paced you wouldn't realise the time had gone. The body work was a treat. It was good to acknowledge the mutual stress of therapist and client suffering static bodies and online concerns like connectivity both technical and literal. There were very practical tips for sharing with the client and plenty of time to work with other therapists in a breakout room. Well considered, lively and knowledgeable without the distraction of lots of words on the screen. You felt it was a very person-oriented workshop."

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Attendee at BAAT experiential seminar 2021

"I was looking forward to this webinar as Elle combines both her art therapy and body centred training and experience. It is important to work with the all different aspects of the client in the therapeutic context.


It is important to be aware of and work with the body in art therapy. 

Such an interesting theme and lovely facilitator."

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Seminar participant

Attendee at BAAT experiential seminar 2021

"Very timely session, the experiential workshop helped me feel more grounded whilst working with complex young people online. I keep returning to the safe space in my imagination from the guided meditation one day on." 

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Seminar participant

Attendee at BAAT experiential seminar 2021

"A very enjoyable and practical session that offered useful techniques for my own benefit and that of my clients." 

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Attendee at BAAT experiential seminar 2021

"Elle's presentation skills are excellent - clear, calm and enabling!"

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Art Therapist attending ACTO conference 2021

"Thank you Elle, your workshop was definitly a highlight of the day. It was nice mix of theory and practical implication and left me with much food for thought. It was really good to get some exercises for self-care at the end of a full day too." 

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Yoga Class Member


"I absolutely love Elle’s classes. One extremely talented lady. Her guidance in relaxation, breathing control, postures and flows is second to none. I always leave class feeling refreshed. If you haven’t tried Elle’s classes I would recommend that you do"



Yoga Class Member

"Love Elle’s classes. I can’t believe how different I feel, it’s like finding a sanctuary within yourself. Elle teaches you to pause, get quiet so you can fully connect with yourself.."

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Yoga Class Member

"In the current craziness of the world, the worry, the indefinite amount of time at home and the fear of what happens next, Elle’s session was just what was needed! A beautifully calm escape from all the worry and anxiety in our world at the moment! I can’t wait to join in more classes online and hopefully one day in person!"

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Yoga Class Member

"If you are looking for a lovely relaxing/calming Yoga teacher then I would def recommend Elle. Elle’s classes are great for your breathing, relaxation and your core."

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Athlete and Nutrition Coach

"Elle gave me some much needed advice in the art of essential oils, both for myself and friend. Her knowledge is amazing and her recommendations have gone down a treat. It especially opened my eyes to the wonders and possiblities of essential oils."

Elle Gilbertson is committed to inclusivity and welcomes people of all ethnicities, LGBTQIA+, people with disabilities, and people of all ages. 

The information on this website is for informational purposes and is not intended to replace medical or psychological assessment and treatment. 

Please note that I do not offer a crisis or emergency service. In such situations, if you are living in the UK I would recommend that you contact your GP during clinic hours, attend your local Accident & Emergency department, or dial 999 in an emergency. If you are from outside the UK please have a look on the befrienders website for crisis support in your country. and

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