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Supervision is an essential element of therapeutic practice, providing dedicated confidential space to explore themes within client work, practitioner approaches and self-care. Find out more about my philosophy and how to get started here. 


My name is Elle Gilbertson

I believe supervision is a powerful space to feel heard, seen and supported, and when engaged with wholeheartedly by supervisee and supervisor can enhance practitioner and client experience significantly.

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My supervision service

My own approach as supervisor is to create an environment where trust can be established and curiosity and playfulness fostered in relation to client work. Supervision can also allow a deep dive into relational matters to support supervisee and client experience. As an Art Psychotherapist who has training in person centred, psychodynamic and online approaches, I am well equipped to support counsellors and therapists explore their work with clients, providing a supportive and reflective space to allow insights to be gained and best practice shared and developed. I have experience working with children and young people, as well as adults, in private practice and the NHS and education sector. 


​I hold a diploma in supervision and I am trained to support supervisees who are working in person with clients, online with clients or working with a hybrid model. I support supervisees who are in private practice, and working within organisations. I work with art therapists, counsellors and therapists. 


Sometimes supervision also includes logistic and practical elements of setting up a private practice and having gone through this process I am well placed to support counsellors and therapists who are considering this route.


 I see supervisees one to one or in a group format online.  You can find out more about my service, including prices here. If you have further questions or would like organise an initial meeting to explore working together, please contact me by emailing, I would love to hear from you.  ​


A snapshot of supervisee experience 

What qualities are present in supervision sessions with Elle?

"Elle offers her soothing and engaged presence and she models well the skill of pacing the session and capacity to pay attention to the here- and- now.

She is supportive in highlighting my strengths and she has facilitated some growth of my practice through invitations for consideration of a different perspectives in reflecting on my client work."

"I appreciate Elle‘s thoughtful contributions, ability to helpfully reflect back and pull together what I have shared in session. This, combined with her attitude of curiosity facilitate an in-depth exploration of therapy process and relationship dynamics as well as a better understanding of the client’s difficulties."

What makes Elle’s service stand out?

"Generosity in sharing her experience, resources and ideas. Capacity to offer creative ways of exploration and reflection on therapy process. Ability to offer ideas that arise from a variety of her experience skills and knowledge. She offers a trauma informed approach and attention to bodily and somatic experience."

"She supports well my capacity to reflect and to self- regulate, which enhance my capacity to be fully engaged and therapeutically present with my clients." 

How would you describe Elle’s professional approach?

"Supportive, robust, respectful, generous."



"Elle has a stimulating and supportive approach and offers some creative ways of reflecting on practice, which has been very beneficial for me as a practitioner."

"I would recommend Elle as a supervisor to a person who wants to explore a fresh approach to supervision and who would like to develop as a reflective practitioner."

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Getting started 

Selecting a supervisor is an important part of practice and I recommend an initial meeting to start with prior to contracting and starting working together. This allows a chance to explore if we would be a good fit for your needs as practitioner. You can find out more about my service, including pricing here.

Emailing me at is the best way to get in touch with any questions or to organise our initial meeting. 

I find Elle's supervision sessions to be both supportive and informative to my counselling practice. I always gain new perspectives and ways of working with clients, within a framework where client safety is paramount and frequently reflected upon, especially when it comes to online working. Elle's knowledge of various therapeutic approaches, in particular those which are more creative, have helped me grow as a practitioner where I have expanded my skill set and have greater confidence in trying different (but always appropriate) interventions. I do not hesitate to bring any concerns or doubts I have over my client work as Elle is a supportive and non-judgemental supervisor. She will always guide me in the right direction and have the best interests of both myself and the client at heart. Similarly, Elle is not reserved in recognising and giving praise to my achievements, whether based in the therapy room or not. A good example of this is when Elle helped me to gain my accreditation. This was especially meaningful as Elle had not worked with me prior to this. In summary, I am grateful to have Elle as my supervisor as she is professional whilst remaining human and approachable. She enriches and nourishes both my practice and me as a person. Thank you.

Supervisee Testimonial 






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Elle Gilbertson is committed to inclusivity and welcomes people of all ethnicities, LGBTQIA+, people with disabilities, and people of all ages. 

The information on this website is for informational purposes and is not intended to replace medical or psychological assessment and treatment. 

Please note that I do not offer a crisis or emergency service. In such situations, if you are living in the UK I would recommend that you contact your GP during clinic hours, attend your local Accident & Emergency department, or dial 999 in an emergency. If you are from outside the UK please have a look on the befrienders website for crisis support in your country. and

All images and content on this site are ©Elle Gilbertson 2020 -23 and may not be copied, published or used without permission. 

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