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Elle Gilbertson Studios

Art and creative wellbeing to uplift, inspire and provide a safe container for what you need to express

If you are looking for an art therapist to support you in your mental health journey, or are here to explore my paintings I wholeheartedly welcome you.  

My online art therapy studio provides trauma skilled, online skilled personal art therapy to guide you in working through struggles such as grief, anxiety, low mood, feeling 'stuck', or low self esteem.

My painting studio showcases my artwork, created with love, and inspired from the natural world. If you are collector searching for something beautiful to connect you to the mindful qualities of nature in your own home, you are in the right place. 

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Online Art Therapy Studio

‘I am an artist, HCPC registered Art Psychotherapist (MSc) and clinical supervisor. My philosophy is simple; transform how you feel by engaging body and mind, getting creative and sharing your story.’  

Elle Gilbertson Art Psychotherapist MSc

Perhaps you are struggling emotionally and would like a trauma skilled, highly qualified Psychotherapist to support you with your mental health. With 11 years of experience I provid high quality therapy for a number of concerns including:





Relational difficulties 

Feeling 'stuck'

Low mood

If you are a therapist or counsellor you are perhaps looking for a fully qualified supervisor to work with you to enrich your practice and support you in your client work.

Wether you are looking for help with your mental health, or are looking supervision I welcome you to explore my site and discover more about my services and how I work.

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Fine Art Studio

"We live in a fascinating world, I believe in the power of connecting deeply with the beauty of our own earth and the wider cosmos, allowing a sense of mystery to co-exist with being grounded in the moment. My work seeks to touch the sky while standing firm in the wholeness of nature."

Elle Gilbertson Fine Artist


Classically trained at the Glasgow School of Art in painting and printmaking, and in traditional drawing and painting from life at the Charles Cecil School in Florence, Italy, I have had a rich and fulfilling career as artist, art educator and art psychotherapist. 

Discover my drawings, paintings and mixed media works inspired from the microcosm and macrocosm of the natural world.  

Bourne from a mindful practice of noticing and being present, my art work seeks to connect to both the expansive qualities of the cosmos and celestial bodies, as well as the quiet, grounded beauty of small beings, moments or experiences.

If you are collector looking to acquire your own piece, or curious to discover more about my work welcome, I'm so glad you are here. 

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