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How mind/body interventions facilitate healing

"Somewhere in the scheme of things there can be room for everyone to live creatively. This involves retaining something personal, perhaps secret, that is unmistakably yourself. If nothing else, try breathing, something no one can do for you." D. W. Winnicott

My experience with yoga started at a time in my life when I was teaching art and design at secondary level. I was so busy all of the time, and needed a practice that would help me find balance and harmony in my routine. I came to the yoga class and immediately felt the benefit of an hour of mindful movement which helped me gain focus, quiet my mind, and create the perfect conditions for me to enter a deep state of calm in the following relaxation.

This started a journey for me that became a source of great personal growth. During times of stress, the yoga mat was my sanctuary, the place I could go to create space in my day just for me. It was challenging, it changed my body, making it stronger, leaner and healthier, but more than this it changed my outlook, and my mindset. Mastering postures I never thought I could do, created in me a sense of possibility, and enhanced my self belief.

The relaxation element, sitting with moments of stillness and calm allowed me to slow down my racing mind, keeping my mind healthy.

Harnessing the breath, deepened my awareness and understanding of my body, nourishing it with the oxygen it needed. The impact on my nervous system was profound, taking it out of stress mode, and into rest and digest mode. My yoga practice allowed my body to recover and heal from my busy lifestyle and withstand the stressors that each of us naturally encounter in our day to day life.

When I completed my yoga teacher training in 2017, delving deep into the classical Hatha yoga tradition, I also discovered the deeper practice of meditation. I use this on a daily basis to calm my mind and create the best conditions for me to be clear minded and objective in my day to day life.

It is a joy to me to share my love of yoga, helping others discover and explore the physical and mental benefits of this centuries old practice.

Mindful movement and gentle breath work can be a fantastic addition to a therapeutic intervention and I often integrate these mindful practices in my therapy work. I have completed additional training which means I integrate trauma informed embodied practices, including yogic techniques, in way that is safe and accessible. Art Therapy and mindful movement and breathing practices complement each other, as both engage mind and body in a unique way which can bypass the overthinking mind and access the nervous system for self-regulation.

If you are interested in finding out more, I would love to connect with you. Explore my services here.

Thank you for reading about my yoga journey, and I hope it has inspired you to begin your own!


Elle x

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