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Mindful Movement 

How good does it feel to move! This video recaps on gentle mindful movement exercises focusing on areas of the body which get tight, stiff or forgotten about during periods of home working at desks and computers. There are also seated and standing grounding techniques, and some movement exercises for self-regulation and recovery from stressful moments. If you couldn't make the group session, or would like to recap on some of the techniques shared, this video is for you. 

10 minutes is all you need to do the sequence, and the exercises can be split up if one resonates with you more. If any of the exercises feel uncomfortable or painful, just leave them out and focus on the ones you enjoy and give you a yummy stretch or relaxing feeling.  

Take things slowly, and try and cultivate mindful awareness which, with practice, can filter into day to day habits promoting better self care and enhanced wellbeing.

Below is a guide to the time in the video that each exercise occurs:

1:06 - Wrist stretches 

2:29 - Neck and side stretches 

4:09 - Shoulder rolls

4:43 - Seated twist 

5:57 - Hip mobility (Knee issues or limited mobility watch this video for amendments)

6:57 - Standing grounding pose 

7:43 - Shake it off technique 

8:07 - Butterfly Hugs 

8:39 - Seated grounding breath

Building in moments of self-care throughout the day can help you look after body and mind, and also support routines and rituals to move from work mode to relaxation mode on completion of the work day. 


I hope you enjoy the mindful moments in this video, this is a resource for you to replay as many times as you need.  Please reach out and connect with me if you have any feedback or questions! I'd love to hear from you. 



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